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CDO & DEI Leader Peer Support



With previous CDO and DEI leadership experiences in secondary education, with community colleges, and at Big 10, Big East, Big 12, and similar institutions, our consultants understand the good, bad, and ugly of breaking down institutional discrimination and oppression in PWIs to support the success of historically marginalized and underrepresented students, faculty, and staff.  For the 2017-18 academic year Invictus HCM will pilot a free one - year service to CDOs and DEI leaders for peer support.  The goal is to help CDO’s and DEI leaders have:  1) contact with a person they can trust and talk to for self care, 2) navigate challenging strategic decisions, 3) deal with confliction resolution, and 4) be a resource and connect them with others for best practices.


Member Benefits

     -After the 2017-18 pilot: Annual membership starts August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019


Membership Includes

A) Monthly contact: Fall & Spring check-in via text, email, or phone call  (Fall: Sep, Oct, Nov, and Spring: Feb, Mar, Apr) - Pilot


B) Fall and Spring Q&A meeting with DEI experts (50 min Q&A meeting in Fall: Oct/Nov and Spring: Mar/Apr) for strategic problem

    solving or planning (meetings via web conference call) -  Pilot: meetings with Dr. Thomas and may include others


C) Invictus HCM Networking Event* at NCORE and/or NADOHE -  Pilot: National Conference On Race and Ethnicity (NCORE)


D) During the week annually (excepts holidays and vacations): Have access to Invictus experts to receive help with resources, answer

     questions, or listen if you had a rough week, day, or want to share exciting news - Pilot


*Your name will be on a list and include food and one free adult/non adult beverage.



-Individual working: $720 a year ($60 a month: paid annually by organization or indvidual)

-Individual looking for work/in transition: $240 a year ($20 a month: paid annually by individual)

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