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DEI Strategic Leadership Sessions


DESCRIPTION (Training via conference call or when appropriate in person)

As American communities grow and evolve, our challenge and responsibility as DEI leaders are to identify factors that help us better manage individual and group needs, concerns, and success to help universities, colleges, and organizations thrive. To address the challenges of creating a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture in organizations we must be committed to understanding: (1) intra-inter cultural identity, changing demographics, politics, and social trends, (2) the need to improve DEI policies and initiatives, (3) the growing needs and demands of students, faculty, staff, and all employees to improve individual and organization success, and (4) the influence DEI has on the organization's research, funding, and revenue.



Session logistics:

1. Conduct two 60-90 minute sessions with department leadership team or group of individuals (six to 10 individuals)

2. Identify team lead and two weeks prior to meeting collect challenges and concerns from team/group

3. Session one: discuss challenges, concerns, and strengths

4. Session two: discuss strategic solutions to address challenges and concerns




$800 (Sessions includes 6 to 10 individuals)

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