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DEI Manager/Supervisor Training


DESCRIPTION (Training via conference call or when appropriate in person) 

The manager/supervisor DEI training is based on the Invictus HCM  Cultural, Compliance, Structure and Strategy (C²S²TM) model. The 60-90 minute sessions were developed to improve your awareness, knowledge and skills.  The GOAL of the trainings are to help leaders improve their management/supervisory skills by:


1)    Enhancing their cultural competency (awareness, knowledge and skills) abilities to function effectively in

       cross-cultural situations

2)    Understanding the dimensions of diversity, cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural communication and

       conflict resolution, and effectively administering accountability across diverse individuals and groups

3)    Valuing and understanding others




Training 1 –  Enhance your understanding of cultural competency, dimensions of diversity, social justice, and DEI policies


Training 2 –  Increase your knowledge of cross-cultural communication: intersectionality, inclusive language, and microagressions 


Training 3 – Discuss and understand changing demographics, social trends, and politics  to promote equity and inclusion


Training 4 – How to address cultural conflict and speak up when you see or witness mistreatment/discrimination 




Once participants complete the training, they will have the awareness, knowledge, and  skills to improve communication with diverse individuals and groups, and address issues that improve diversity, equity, and inclusion so others feel valued and can achieve success.




$600 per training (eight to sixteen individuals) and includes pre and post-test to assess knowledge

$2000 for all four trainings and includes pre and double post test to assess learning and transfer of knowledge to skills

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