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This is a one or two day workshop where Dr. Thomas will work with your mentors or mentor and mentees to train them on the Thomas Principles. 


This workshop is a four step process: 

  1. Developing Rapport

  2. Intra and interpersonal Development

  3. Team Development 

  4. Mentoring and evaluation


Time: 6 to 8 hours

Facilitator: Dr. Thomas

This is a two day workshop with eight monthly follow-up sessions. This workshop is designed to help an organization start, implement, and evaluate a mentoring program using the Thomas Principles.


Time: 10 to 16 hours

Facilitator: Dr. Thomas

Mentoring workshop for your Mentors and Mentees

Retention and Thomas Principles Mentoring 

Mentoring and The Thomas Principles: Training the Trainer Workshop
Mentoring and The Thomas Principles


This is a brief introduction to the six Thomas Principles (TPs):


1) Identity Development

2) Psychological Support,

3) Social Support

4) Academic/Professional Development

5) Sense of Belonging 

6) Leadership Development





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