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As an Ecological Community Psychologist, Dr. Nate Thomas understands that in any community or organization people are most important. Therefore, communities and organizations must be grounded in promoting a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to help individuals achieve at the highest level personally and professionally.

His knowledge and experience are based on 25 years of work in large and small universities, community colleges, school districts, corporations, and with community organizations. His passion and desire to help historically marginalized, oppressed, and discriminated individuals be successful fuels his DEI work to make communities and organizations better. His energy, caring, and work has had a positive influence on thousands of individuals, and he looks forward to continuing or starting new work with you or your organization.

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Curriculum Vitae 

Keynotes, Talks, and Projects


The Thomas Principles™


STARS Impact: increasing the number of women and underrepresented students in technology


Coordinated Large Organization-wide Climate Studies


Satisfied Clients

M: 734-730-8490

O: 863-703-0227



E. Nathan Thomas III, PhD

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