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Keynotes and Talks


Dr. Thomas fuses story telling, energy, humor, research, and participant interaction to connect with his audience.  He drives home the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion and its impact on individual and organizational success.  His 25 years of experience and hundreds of talks in large and small organizations that involve faculty, staff, students, employees, and key stake holders, provides him with the awareness and knowledge to relate, engage, educate, and inspire diverse populations from across the country.  


His talks are focused on two areas:  Education (High School & College Students) and Organizations (For & Non Profit Leaders and Employees).


Topics (Email us to schedule a Keynote or Talk):

1) Conducting successful pipleline programs (recruitment, retention, graduation, workforce) and securing funding.  

    September 2018:  $3.2 Million UMKC School of Medicine Grant: Future for Health Profesionals  

2) The Thomas Principles and Student Success: The Influence of Identity on College Adjustment, Academic Achievement, and Leadership

3) C²S² and The Thomas Principles: The Importance of Culture, Identity, Intersectionality and its Influence on organization and individual success

4) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshops: Education and Trainings (Professional Development)


Keynotes and Talks:

The University of Kansas (KU) Staff Leadership Summit

Keynote: Your Place at the Table


Keynote Speaker Dr. Nathan Thomas Discusses Diversity in Polk County




Climate Studies

Coordinated Large Organization-wide Climate Studies


Directors take on 'leadership crisis' at Hillsborough Children's Board

Assessment Report:



Invictus HCM Leads HCC's 2013/2014 four month                                                STARS 2012 Celebration Welcome From Dr. Nathan Thomas,

MLK Student Service Learning Projects                                                                 General Chair: The Annual STARS Celebration is geared to                                                                                                                                             increase the number of women and minorities in technology.







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