Understanding Cultural Differences in the Workplace and Educational Environments

Working in diverse environments requires specialized skills, particularly when it comes to building organizational relationships. This course is designed to help your organization develop the practical skills and attitudes required to work with differences while pursuing common interests and objectives.


Format : On-site Talks, Workshops or Webinars

Developing Leadership Skills on Diversity, Multiculturalism and Cultural Competency

Understanding Leadership in a Diverse and Multicultural Environment provides leaders with the tools necessary to effectively interact with all individuals. Effective leaders can shape the culture of their organization to be accepting of individuals from various identities by addressing microaggressions and unconscious bias.



Format : On-site Talks, Workshops, or Webinars

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

Education and Trainings


You are not looking at diversity, education and training (professional development) simply because you believe "it is the right thing to do." You are looking at diversity, educution and training because your employees and/or students demand it. Diversity efforts are about enhancing organizational harmony and productivity as well as the bottom-line. Invictus HCM clients understand that investing in and creating a diverse and inclusive work and educational environment helps an organization save money, retain good people, increase sense of belonging, and meet the expectations of their mission.  Let Invictus HCM help your organization succeed in an increasingly diverse, global and competitive workplace. Invictus HCM offers customized training on a number of topics dealing with diversity, equity, and inclusion.