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The Thomas Principles


The Thomas Principles is a leadership, mentoring, retention and graduation model.  It is based on 25 years of experience and research to improve the graduation rates of historically underrepresented college students (i.e., Black/African American students). The model is grounded in identity development that is significantly associated with five other factors.  While the research started with an ethnic - based focus, it is applicable to diverse populations, fields of study, and organizations (see PowerPoint and articles).  


So... what are the Thomas Principles and their origin (click this link to view PowerPoint)?



Articles related to the Thomas Principles 


Conducting successful pipeline programs (recruitment, retention, graduation, workforce) and securing funding.  

September 2018:  $3.2 Million UMKC School of Medicine Grant: Future for Health Professionals  


Impacting Diversity in Polk County 


Increasing Technical Excellence, Leadership and Commitment of Computing Students through Identity- Based Mentoring


STARS Impact: increasing the number of women and underrepresented students in technology



Mentoring Manual 


Thomas Principles Mentor Mentee Manual Table of Contents (TOC) 



Application of the Thomas Principles to Organizations

Instead of looking at the identity of the individual we look at the organization.  The identity of an organization starts with its mission, values, and culture.  An organization’s culture sets the foundation on the mental and economic health of an organization, and how individuals socially connect and feel a sense of belonging. Similar to working with college students, a premium must be placed on individual leadership and educational/professional development so an organization can thrive and achieve continued success. 






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